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Airlines having Flights from the UK or Ireland to the rest of Europe

Through our research we have identified the 59 airlines in the lefthand menu having flights from the UK or Ireland to the rest Europe.

For each airline, where possible we give a
- Brief history
- Their aircraft fleet
- List their UK and Ireland departure airports
- List of destination countries from each airport
- Resent news items
- Link to their booking page

Todays featured airline - Croatia Airlines

Croatia Airlines, the national airline of Croatia, started life as Zagal - Zagreb Airlines in 1989, with a twin engined Cessna carying cargo. The airline changed it's name to Croatia Airlines after the county's first democratic elections in 1990.

The airline acquired 3 Boeing 737 aircraft in 1992 and passenger transport started to develop.

Croatia airlines transported 1.8 million passengers in 2015, similar to the previous year.

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