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WOW air

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Average age of aircraft - 3 yrs, according to 29/07/14

WOW air is reported to have the following aircraft fleet:
2 Airbus A320 200
2 Airbus A320 Neo
10 Airbus A321 200
1 Airbus A321 Neo
3 Airbus A330 300

The low-cost airline WOW air was launched in 2011, and expected to start flying operations on 1st June 2012.

In October 2012 it was announced that WOW air had taken over Iceland Express and that future flights would be under the WOW air brand.

The airline's fleet of aircraft is possibly the newest around.

1.6 million passengers were transported by WOW air in 2016, more than double the figure for the previous year.

WOW air cesed flying operations on 28/03/19 after suffering financial difficulties and failing to win new investment.

UK and Ireland Departure airport for WOW air

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 28/03/19     WOW Airline Ceases Flying Operations This Morning
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 24/10/12     WOW air takes over Iceland Express
It has been announced that Iceland Express has been taken over by the relatively new Icelandic airline, WOW air, and that all flights will be under the WOW air brand in future. I...More

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