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Carbon offseting, or just being aware of how much Carbon Dioxide is entering the atmosphere and the effect that may or may not have on global warming is a very topical subject at present - flights account for around 2% of the UK C02 emissions.

We also have information on what individual airports are doing about carbon emissions.

We have calculated that this flight (one way) would produce 0.41 Tonnes of C02 per person, based on figures published by the National Energy Foundation of 0.18 Kg per Km or 0.29 Kg per mile.

This will be an approximation and the following should be taken into account:

The CO2 produced per person on this flight would be equivalent to that resulting from a 100 electric light being left on for 57 weeks, or for the average television being left on standby for 11 years.

The term Carbon Offseting refers investing money into projects that either remove CO2 from the atmosphere (by planting trees for instance) or reduce CO2 emissions else where (eg by promoting or subidising renewable energy sources).
Those wishing to offset the CO2 produced on this flight would be looking at a cost of between 2.46 to 8.2Pounds (figures vary between different companies and according to how much you are spending).