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Leipzig Altenburg (Altenburg-Nobitz) Airport, Germany (AOC) - Guide and Flight Details

Leipzig Altenburg Altenburg-Nobitz airport location

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Flight information for Leipzig Altenburg airport, Germany, shown below

Leipzig Altenburg Airport, otherwise known as Altenburg-Nobitz Airport, is located 10 km south east of Altenburg and 50 km south of Leipzig, in the Saxony region. Altenburg has castles, palaces and museums to visit.

A shuttle bus links the airport to Altenburg and Leipzig once a day through the summer and some days through the winter, for a cost of 3.50 Euros and 12 Euros respectively.

There is also a train connection between Altenburg and Leipzig and taxis are available.

The airport has facilites for purchasing coffee, tea, baguettes, sandwiches, wine, beer, soft drinks and mixed drinks. There is also a baby room.
Passengers totalled 141,000 in 2009 but scheduled services ceased in 2011.

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