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Airports in Latvia with Flights from the UK and Ireland

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Latvia Airports

Riga International (10.0)

Liepaja (1.0)

Latvia Airports with Most Routes

Riga International (14)

Latvia is a mainly flat Baltic country (the highest point on the land being 311m above sea level) which is rich in photogenic castles, tranquil river valleys, and 500km of coastline on the Baltic sea. Latvia is also known for its music festivals (music plays an import part in everyday life here).
The country's fertile plains are largely forested with pine trees, with approximately 45% of the country being covered by nateral forest.

Riga is said by some to contain the finest concentration of Art Nouveau or Jugend buildings in Europe.

Latvia is a member of the European Union and the currency is the Euro, having replaced the Latvian Lat at the beginning of 2014.
Latvia is also a Schengen country.

1 Latvia Airport Guides with 14 scheduled flights from the UK or Ireland

1Small location map for Riga International Airport Riga International (RIX) - 14 Flights Listed
Located 13Km South West of the capital city Riga, on the Baltic coast of Latvia
Visitor Vote Visitor Rating 10.0 (10.0)

Reduce Map Size Riga International Airport - 14 Flights Listed, located 13Km South West of the capital city Riga, on the Baltic coast of Latvia