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03/01/18 Strong Winds in UK and Northern Europe Expected to Cause Flight Disruption

Strong winds across the UK and northern Europe are expected to cause some flight disruption today.
Eurocontrol are reporting significant delays at London Heathrow and Amsterdam due to the wind. Delays are also being reported at Madrid, Porto, and Venice due to fog.

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 19/01/19  Delays at Stockholm Arlanda Due To Technical Issues
 18/01/19  Delays at Stockholm Arlanda Due To Technical Issues
 15/01/19  Italian National Strike Expected to Disrupt Flights Today
 11/01/19  Italian National Strike Expected to Disrupt Flights Today
 08/01/19  London Heathrow Temporarily Halted Departures due to Drone Activity This Evening
 08/01/19  Delays at Amsterdam Airport This Morning due to Strong Winds
 05/01/19  Snow Affecting Some Flights in Europe This Morning
 29/12/18  Hanover Airport Closed after Car Driven Through Gates
 21/12/18  London Gatwick Flights Suspended This Morning But Now Some Flights - Updated
 20/12/18  London Gatwick Flights Still Suspended This Morning - Updated (2)
 19/12/18  London Gatwick Flights Disrupted due to Drone Flying in the Area
 14/12/18  Flight Disruptions Across France Today Due to Strike Action
 30/11/18  Delays at Madrid and Porto Due to Fog This Morning
 27/11/18  Weather Causing Flight Delays in London This Morning
 24/11/18  Flights Suspended at Dublin Airport Due to Radar Problems
 17/11/18  Strong Winds Causing Flight Delays in the Canary Isles
 16/11/18  Weather Causing Flight Delays Across Southern England and Northern Europe
 28/10/18  Flight Disruption in Portugal this Evening due to Radar Failure
 25/10/18  Delays Reported at Gatwick Due to Fog This Morning
 04/10/18  Flight Delays at London Airports This Morning Due to Fog
 19/09/18  Flight Disruptions Possible Due to Strong Winds Accross UK and Ireland
 18/09/18  Delays Reported in Parts of Spain Today
 22/08/18  Low Visibility Causing Delays at Port This Morning
 28/07/18  Thunderstorm Activity Again Causing Delays Across Europe
 27/07/18  Delays Reported This Evening due to Thunder Storm Activity
 26/06/18  Systems Failure Causing Flight Delays Over France This Morning
 23/06/18  Strike by French Air Traffic Controllers at Marseille Causing Flight Disruptions
 31/05/18  Thunderstorms Causing Delays in Southern UK Again Today
 30/05/18  Flight Delays and Cancellations This Morning Due to Greek Industrial Action
 27/05/18  Delays on Busy Week End due to Weather