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05/01/19 Snow Affecting Some Flights in Europe This Morning

Delays are being reported this morning due to snow at Munich, Innsbruck, Zurich, and Thessaloniki.

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 15/01/19  Italian National Strike Expected to Disrupt Flights Today
 11/01/19  Italian National Strike Expected to Disrupt Flights Today
 08/01/19  London Heathrow Temporarily Halted Departures due to Drone Activity This Evening
 08/01/19  Delays at Amsterdam Airport This Morning due to Strong Winds
 05/01/19  Snow Affecting Some Flights in Europe This Morning
 29/12/18  Hanover Airport Closed after Car Driven Through Gates
 21/12/18  London Gatwick Flights Suspended This Morning But Now Some Flights - Updated
 20/12/18  London Gatwick Flights Still Suspended This Morning - Updated (2)
 19/12/18  London Gatwick Flights Disrupted due to Drone Flying in the Area
 14/12/18  Flight Disruptions Across France Today Due to Strike Action
 30/11/18  Delays at Madrid and Porto Due to Fog This Morning
 27/11/18  Weather Causing Flight Delays in London This Morning
 24/11/18  Flights Suspended at Dublin Airport Due to Radar Problems
 17/11/18  Strong Winds Causing Flight Delays in the Canary Isles
 16/11/18  Weather Causing Flight Delays Across Southern England and Northern Europe
 28/10/18  Flight Disruption in Portugal this Evening due to Radar Failure
 25/10/18  Delays Reported at Gatwick Due to Fog This Morning
 04/10/18  Flight Delays at London Airports This Morning Due to Fog
 19/09/18  Flight Disruptions Possible Due to Strong Winds Accross UK and Ireland
 18/09/18  Delays Reported in Parts of Spain Today
 22/08/18  Low Visibility Causing Delays at Port This Morning
 28/07/18  Thunderstorm Activity Again Causing Delays Across Europe
 27/07/18  Delays Reported This Evening due to Thunder Storm Activity
 26/06/18  Systems Failure Causing Flight Delays Over France This Morning
 23/06/18  Strike by French Air Traffic Controllers at Marseille Causing Flight Disruptions
 31/05/18  Thunderstorms Causing Delays in Southern UK Again Today
 30/05/18  Flight Delays and Cancellations This Morning Due to Greek Industrial Action
 27/05/18  Delays on Busy Week End due to Weather
 22/05/18  Flights Cancelled or Disrupted by French Strikes Today
 08/05/18  Italian Strike Action Causing Flight Disruptions Today