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Reviews of Ryanair

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Review submitted by Anon on 15/06/15, vote ********** (2)
Terrible customer service, uncomfortable seat and constant penny pinching

Review submitted by Anon on 09/08/11, vote ********** (9)
Why are Ryanair flights into and out of Arecife,Lanzarote not shown on airport web site. In some cases Ryanair have 15 flights a day into Lanzarote from all over Europe and none are shown on the airport arrivals/departures web site. ???

Review submitted by Anon on 12/03/08, vote ********** (7)
Having used this airline quite frequently I have found that most of the time the staff are friendly and helpful although occasionally there have been some occasions where they have been most unhelpful!

Review submitted by Anon on 12/12/07, vote ********** (7)
Well they have some good prices! But somehow you get that feeling that you are only getting what you pay for. The planes are fine (mostly very new) but you don't really get treated in the way you would like. Would I travel with them again? Of course I would because they are very good value - but I would always hope to get a similar price elsewhere.