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Reviews of Lanzarote Airport

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Review submitted by Anon on 19/04/19, vote ********** (9)
Quite a pleasant airport, staff helpful especially as left tablet in security box but no trouble retrieving it, like all on flat plenty of seating and toilet facilities well signposted. General impression clean and efficient

Review submitted by Anon on 22/12/17, vote ********** (8)
Good airport, can't believe smokers had to yet again go outside........

Review submitted by Anon on 18/12/17, vote ********** (7)
It's a very good Departure Lounge, but if it had a large open air area where smoking is NOT PERMITTED, it would be excellent! This would really add to the enjoyment of our departure from beautiful Lanzarote. Thank you

Review submitted by Anon on 28/12/15, vote ********** (10)
We use Lanzarote Airport four times a year for more years than I care to remember. The staff are friendly and helpfull and go out of there way to make your journey through the airport enjoyable and safe. The wheelchair assistance Sin Barres are fabulous very caring and quick and efficient. Lanzarote and its airport are great

Review submitted by Anon on 13/11/14, vote ********** (1)
you need a picnic while you wait for your luggage

Review submitted by Anon on 15/06/14, vote ********** (1)
On the way in to Lanzarote.No problems.Easy.Just found our resort rep,and in. On the way back,felt like an animal going for slaughter,from bus to plane. The security people need lessons in common courtessy,the guy behind the desk was screaming and shouting at tourists non stop.I swear that steam was coming from his collar.WHY? No one seemed to have done anything wrong.Maybe he needs a holiday! No problems at the passport,checkin desk. Having gone through Hell's Gate,it's a basic airport that serves it's purpose. This airport annoyed us,and others,and does nothing to promote tourism.NEVER AGAIN !

Review submitted by Anon on 21/10/13, vote ********** (6)
20/10/2013 Toilets dirty, floors wet, no toilet paper,hand dryers not working. Disabled toilets out of order. VIP Lounge closed no alternative offered. Staff on ground very helpful. The airport is starting to look tired and in need of a deep clean.

Review submitted by Anon on 25/03/12, vote ********** (9)

Review submitted by Anon on 24/11/11, vote ********** (10)
I agree having used Lanzarote Airport on several ocassions. They are super fast, super efficient and make the airport part of the travel plans a stress free experience. An extremely well run clean and user friendly airport - perhaps they could give lessons to other airports on efficiency?

Review submitted by Anon on 27/10/11, vote ********** (9)
Having been through the airport on numerous occasions, I agree that it is one of the best! Luggage is off-loaded in record time and check-in staff are friendly and efficient. The sun terraces are an added bonus. However, I always feel sorry for anyone who has to feed and water a family as prices are higher than at home.

Review submitted by Anon on 02/10/09, vote ********** (5)
Arrecife airport is an excellent airport except for one big problem - travellers beware! We use the airport 3-4 times a year and the luggage scales are always out by anything upto 4 kilos and at 11 euros a kilo for excess baggage this can be costly for the traveller but good income for the airport!! We have proved this by carrying digital hand scales with us, on the last occasion EMA airport was exactly the same as our scales showed but Arrecife were 4 kilos out. Clearly their machines are not calibrated reguarly, shame as in all other ways its a great airport.

Review submitted by Anon on 11/09/09, vote ********** (10)
travelled in the last two weeks with my wife and disabled father in law.i would like to offer my sincere thanks for the fantastic assistance we received from your whheelchair assistance staff on both inbound/outward journeys. your staff were absolutely brilliant.5* service best we have experienced anywhere in the world.

Review submitted by Anon on 13/06/08, vote ********** (10)
Great airport!!!! Has two outside terraces where you can continue to enjoy the sun whilst waiting for your flight. Great if your a smoker has you can smoke on the terraces. Food and drink prices reasonable compared to the majority of airports who exploit the fact you cannot purchase these anywhere else. All in all a nice ending to a beautiful island.