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Reviews of Stockholm-Arlanda Airport

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Review submitted by Anon on 15/02/09, vote ********** (2)
I give it this low vote because last week I flew an easy jet flight to Geneva Switzerland, and the info didn't give me the terminal number. I got out at terminal 5 (The so-called international terminal)and had to walk to terminal 2. With all my luggage. I was not happy. This might not be Arlanda'a fault, but now: I have a flight on SAS this coming Tuesday, 090217, to Amsterdam (Flight SK1555) and find that I can't find the information on which terminal to use. I can't find it on SAS's website nor Arlanda's. Why is this information so hard to find? Why isn't it provided with the flight information? Is it some sort of anti terror state secret? Not good and it needs to be corrected.