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Reviews of Copenhagen Airport

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Review submitted by Anon on 22/11/11, vote ********** (2)
Several problems about this airport. 1. Self-service check-in machines did not all work, and we had to get the assistance of an airport employee. So why these unreliable machines? (Need fewer employees, is the answer). 2. Long walking distances to gate. Our gate was D103. 3. In answer to a polite enquiry about the correct gate, the blonde, gum-chewing employee merely said she was not psychic and only the tower knows the correct gates. 4. Totally inadequate seats for waiting passengers at Gate D103. We witnessed perhaps 100 people having to stand and wait at least 30 minutes for boarding (including a heavily pregnant woman holding an infant). Can't the airport provide adequate seating at this gate? 5. Finally, this seating problem was not only only observable at this gate but throughout the airport, especially next to high-powered commercial areas. It seems to us that this is deliberate - in order to encourage passengers to buy rather than ponder the meaning of life. Kastrup is not alone here, but the pronounced lack of seating makes it seem a contender for the most obnoxiously commercial of all the airports we have been in, in Europe or America.