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Reviews of Faro Airport

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Review submitted by Anon on 16/11/12, vote ********** (9)
Pros:- Great little airport, easy to park, quick through customs/passport control and modern. Toilets clean. Post Office. Tourist Office. Good choice of car hire. Easy to get to by road or bus. Cons:- Expensive food and not enough seating if you have to wait for delayed flights etc. Taxis expensive.

Review submitted by Anon on 14/05/11, vote ********** (8)
Good parking, regular inexpensive links to Faro buses and trains. The airport is spotlessly clean incl toilets. Usually speedy passport controls and baggage reclaim except at busy times.Poor seating areas and when travelling with children there are no facilities for play etc if flights are delayed.

Review submitted by Anon on 04/01/10, vote ********** (8)
The beauty of Faro airport is not the facilities but that it is so easy to get to, parking is reasonably priced and immediately adjacent to the airport and you are not fleeced for dropping off travellers, using trolleys etc. Yes, the bars are more expensive but take food with you (it isn't banned by security to carry food with you) and you only have to buy a drink. As for other facilities, no regional airports have anything useful like a TV room, cinema or kids play area so no different there from Luton

Review submitted by Anon on 13/12/08, vote ********** (1)
limited facilities for an airport with such traffic throughput.\r\n\r\nvery very expensive compared to local prices and more expensive than many airports in capital cities