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Reviews of Madeira Airport

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Review submitted by Anon on 26/05/10, vote ********** (7)
Flew into and out of there last week. The airport is very clean and fairly well laid out. However, the aircon appeared to not be working properly - it was fresher and less stuffy outside than it was inside. Also, and this is my biggest gripe, the cafe in the departures lounge was a RIP-OFF! I thought it odd that there were no prices advertised, but the reason for this became apparent when we reached the checkout - 2E80 for a bottle of orangeade and 1E80 for a bottle of water! And to think I thought Gatwick was a rip-off at 1.70 for a bottle of coke! Of course, you don't get much choice as all drinks get confiscated at security. My advice: Buy your drinks outside the airport and drink what you need before going upstairs to security. Other than that, the airport based Easyjet staff were polite but extremely disorganised. We'd paid for the "Speedy Boarding" but they put the wrong code on our boarding pass, so we had to get them to confirm this on the computer at the boarding gate. Also, the staff at the gate didn't seem to know what was happening, especially after there was a last-minute gate change. "Dizzy" is probably the best word...

Review submitted by Anon on 02/02/09, vote ********** (9)
We've used this airport for many years and must say it is now very much improved, and found all services excellent

Review submitted by Anon on 18/07/08, vote ********** (1)
Easy Jet staff - unhelpful, rude and like praying mantis ready to take anything of any value in toiletries etc - not allowing time to repack into suitcases. Disgusting!

Review submitted by Anon on 14/07/08, vote ********** (9)
I found Funchal Airport to be very clean, and user-friendly. Staff were willing to help - a very pleasant atmosphere all round. A nice airport to start and finish the perfect holiday.