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Reviews of Guernsey Airport

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Review submitted by Anon on 27/09/19, vote ********** (8)
16 years since last went through here, and a lot has changed with the new terminal - much more room and spacious. Local buses are easy to catch just opposite the arrivals exit, all fares are £1 only, reasonably frequent to St.Peter Port, but less choice to other points. Taxi rank also just outside. On the first floor of the terminal there is a cafe where snacks are reasonably edible and priced. It has a great window view of the runway and most of the commercial aprons, and was uncrowded in mid-September. Only downside were the statutory humourless border security/ customs who went to town on me with full search of hand-baggage with drug swabs etc, and re-scanning. No word of explanation given. It would have been nice to have been asked if I had a medical condition before having to undergo this, as indeed I do and this extra attention made it quite difficult to cope. Despite the drug swabs & thorough check, they completely missed a whole series of tablets I was carrying (as medication) in my wash-bag! After the search went into the departure lounge and then realised after 20 minutes that they had not returned my tablet computer. I went back to the search point and eventually found it, they had just tossed it to one side and had not made any attempt to find me to return it to me. So airport is fine, customs/border staff could do with adding a few customer facing skills to their undoubted security prowess!