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Reviews of Gibraltar Airport

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Review submitted by Anon on 26/05/14, vote ********** (8)
Judging from two recent flights, the airport terminal is first class and its operations are efficient. The food offer is disappointing, presumably reflecting the limited number of flights. What I found really bad is the abysmal pedestrian route from the terminal to the border crossing. Encumbered with your cases, you have to cross two lanes of busy traffic. The Gibraltar authorities have not provided a pelican crossing or even a basic zebra crossing. Presumably,they don't really like people crossing over into Spain or coming back into the airport without first spending money in Gibraltar.

Review submitted by Anon on 19/09/12, vote ********** (1)
The airport itself is fine but do NOT hire a car inside the airport and drive to Spain. The queues back into Gibraltar are unbelievable. No-one warns you about this when buying a flight. From less than 2 miles from the border it took me (+ wife, toddler and 3 month old baby) nearly 2 hours to get into the airport to drop the car off - and that was with lots of queue jumping & behaviour I would never normally engage in! 2 minutes later and we would have missed our flight. Very stressful. We weren't the only people in this situation either. Either fly to Malaga or rent a car a little away from the airport in Spain so you can walk in and avoid the queues.

Review submitted by Anon on 11/03/09, vote ********** (10)
An exceptional airport to fly out of and into. never huge queues, (even if the flights are full - everyone just seems to time it right). Good duty free selection (and real duty free), nice lounge and facilities. - Just a sweet airport. Would not use anything else by choice, even though we live in Spain!

Review submitted by Anon on 05/01/09, vote ********** (9)
Considering the small size of the airport services are very good. Information is kept up to date and regularly updated. Keep up the good work!

Review submitted by Anon on 26/12/08, vote ********** (10)
Excellent service and information on flight arrivals and departures. keep up the good work.

Review submitted by Anon on 23/12/08, vote ********** (9)
True rock and roll airport, best approach anywhere and cars on the runway. Gib airport is the bomb.

Review submitted by Anon on 23/09/08, vote ********** (9)
It's small but a great place