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Reviews of Kerry Airport

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Review submitted by Anon on 14/11/13, vote ********** (9)
Great little airport - easy to get in/out. Good parking - fees lower than average. Fly to Hahn regularly - a few more flights Ryanair, please!

Review submitted by Anon on 24/07/12, vote ********** (9)
I love Kerry airport and only wish I could still fly there. Ryan Air should fly from Leeds Bradford and let the people in Yorkshire get to Kerry. I don't want to drive to Luton . Please Ryan Air consider this so that I can visit my grandsons without the long trek south.

Review submitted by Anon on 01/05/08, vote ********** (7)
The best little airport! You get there best with a car, but if you had to there is a bus. It is a tiny airport, which makes for very short walks. From the car to check-in to security to the plane is no more that 300 m. Parking is affordable, although it is often dearer than the ryanair ticket. Staff is helpful and pleasant. The little cafe and the shop in the departure aera are small and do not cover all needs - but how could they with 4 flights daily. I fly from Kerry before I fly out of Cork or Shannon anytime!