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Reviews of Murcia Airport

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Review submitted by Anon on 23/02/18, vote ********** (10)
Perfect Airport please do not close, Efficient and very friendly I will not use Corvera Airport.

Review submitted by Anon on 16/04/17, vote ********** (10)
The best airport ever. Always improving it, always efficient. Friendly staff in the restaurant. Please don't close this fantastic airport.

Review submitted by Anon on 15/02/17, vote ********** (10)
easy to reach, perfect

Review submitted by Anon on 29/09/16, vote ********** (10)
San Javier is a really relaxed, friendly airport which makes the start and the end of my holidays pleasurable! Let's continue to share with the military, it works on every level.

Review submitted by Anon on 26/09/16, vote ********** (10)
A convenient, efficient airport. Takes the stress out of travelling and it is on the coast where I would guess 99% of passengers are headed.

Review submitted by Anon on 24/06/16, vote ********** (10)
Please, please, do NOT close this beautiful, clean, calm, friendly little airport. I don't mind sharing it with the military.

Review submitted by Anon on 08/06/16, vote ********** (10)
Best and most efficient airport I've ever used. It's such a shame that there are no flights from Liverpool uk to Murcia this year so I've cut down my trips to Spain.

Review submitted by Anon on 09/04/16, vote ********** (10)
Murcia San Javier airport is one of the nicest, easiest airports I have ever used. Please keep it open to the public and let the military have the other one which is of no use to many many people. Don't mess with what's good!

Review submitted by Anon on 24/01/16, vote ********** (10)
I would love to see the assessment for Corvera airport,the page entitled "Benefits of the airport to visitors", or is that page missing? Are not the majority of customers being inconvenienced? Murcia airport is very easy to negotiate parking etc. Why don't the military use Corvera as it seems most visitors do not want it?

Review submitted by Anon on 18/01/16, vote ********** (10)
Whilst I agree this is a great little airport & only 15 Km from our home - The talk of the other airport opening has been around for years - I believe it may well open when the universal studio's theme park, in the same area opens & who knows when that will be - so enjoy San Javier for some time yet, I think

Review submitted by Anon on 09/01/16, vote ********** (10)
Who ever thought of building a new airport so far away from the tourist resorts must be out of there minds this will only close business down and more passengers who won. 't to be near the resorts going to Alicante has a vister to Spain at 12 to 15 times a year to different airports to close Murcia Airport would be a great mistake this in my appinion is the the most excerlant airport in Spain

Review submitted by Anon on 21/12/15, vote ********** (10)
Please stay open for ever

Review submitted by Anon on 21/09/15, vote ********** (10)

Review submitted by Anon on 13/06/15, vote ********** (10)
The most convenient, efficient airport in the area. We have used it for the past 13 years, and would be very sorry to see it close in favour of Corvera.

Review submitted by Anon on 18/10/14, vote ********** (10)
We have used San Javier airport several times a year for 10 years now and would hate it to be closed in favour of Corvera. If it does, we would most likely have to switch to Alicante, which would mean a loss of revenue for the region of Murcia as well as much greater expense and inconvenience for us. Costa Calida and the surrounding area is well served by San Javier Airport. Keep it open, please!

Review submitted by Anon on 04/10/14, vote ********** (10)
We have been travelling to Spain to see my parents for over 16Yrs (Orihuela Costa) and apart from the early days always use Murcia San-Javier. Small, Freindy and efficient unlike Alicante ! If corvera opens We as a family would be forced to fly to Alicante since it would be easier and nearer. Please keep San Javier open. Thank you

Review submitted by Anon on 03/10/14, vote ********** (10)
We have used this airport since 2005 many times a year. It has always been a pleasant and efficient experience for us and all passengers who appreciate the proximity to the Costa calida, without having to use Alicante airport which has become rather unpleasant and time consuming(not to mention an expensive car or taxi transfer) If Corvera ever opens, it is probable that it will close within a few years because of insufficient use for an international airport.Meanwhile san javier will be closed to make way for Corvera and thus deprive the thousands of San Javier supporters of the best run airport in Europe.If it ain't broke don't fix it!!!

Review submitted by Anon on 22/09/14, vote ********** (10)
This is the perfect Airport in every way. Convenient to road connection for the whole Costa Blanca south, efficient in operation, ideal parking and good connections to destinations in UK and elsewhere. PLEASE don't close this great little airport.

Review submitted by Anon on 25/06/14, vote ********** (10)
Well organised. Ideal airport for Costa Blanca South. Very convenient for all coastal holiday makers and very close to La Manga and the beautiful historic Cartegena.

Review submitted by Anon on 22/03/14, vote ********** (10)
Please don't close San Javier airport. So convenient and used by so many people. I wouldn't use Corvera, rather Alicante, although even that is not so close to my home and is much bigger and harder to negotiate. As a lady travelling alone, San Javier is by far the best. Also better for families.

Review submitted by Anon on 13/01/14, vote ********** (10)
MJV is such a wonderful small and perfectly formed airport. Ease of access, adequate facilities. 20 minutes from my home. My family and friends would not use Corvera. It's in the wrong direction and more difficult to get to. They would have to use Alicante instead.

Review submitted by Anon on 07/01/14, vote ********** (10)
Dont close Murcia Airport its the best airport out of all the airports I ve ever fly from.Hope they never open corvera because its to far away from the Mar Menor and Alicante is about the same distance

Review submitted by Anon on 28/12/13, vote ********** (10)
Best Little Airport in Europe never mind just Spain. Have been using it since it open to commercial flights and love it. Use it to sell Spains best kept secret The Mar Manor. Forget Corvera

Review submitted by Anon on 06/11/13, vote ********** (9)
I have used this airport since the early 1990's it has always been excellent and has evolved and improved over the years. Can the President of Murcia cannot see that probably 50% of existing passengers go towards Torrevieja and therefore will NOT GO TO CORVERA!!!!! as Alicante is then nearer. Hence San Javier closed and Corvera unviable ........ 2 years after Corvera closes and no airport in Murcia. Crazy.

Review submitted by Anon on 30/05/13, vote ********** (10)
Corvera is no use to Orihuela Costa residents. ALicante is an awful airport and ~I like to avoid using it if at all possible. Murcia is the best local airport and we need it. It is small, friendly and efficient, just what an airport should be. Keep it.

Review submitted by Anon on 27/05/13, vote ********** (10)
Excellent airport so convenient for our holiday destination.Have used it many times. If it closes we would not want to fly to Corvera which is too far from our holiday destination. Would have to look elsewhere for our holiday.

Review submitted by Anon on 29/03/13, vote ********** (10)
This is the best airport in Spain please do not close it we travel at least 4 times every 6 months we find the staff first class and very friendly.

Review submitted by Anon on 15/01/13, vote ********** (10)
This is an excellent airport which we use regularly. I do not want to have to fly to Corvera. Please don't close San Javier!

Review submitted by Anon on 13/01/13, vote ********** (10)
This a superb airport which we have been using since 1999. There has been a programme of continuous improvement over the years, and must now be one of the best regional airports in Europe, both from the efficiency of operation and the ease of access. Corvera is in the wrong place and attempting to force people to use it will just result in fewer visitors to the southern Costa Blanca, heaping further misery on Spain's difficult economic situation.

Review submitted by Anon on 20/11/12, vote ********** (10)
as pensioners we will not be able to go to alicante or corvera so please do not close san javier to passenger travel it is easier to get to our apartment from there

Review submitted by Anon on 25/07/12, vote ********** (10)
Excellent Airport, please do not close it. It is easy to get to and the staff are always happy to help you.

Review submitted by Anon on 08/04/12, vote ********** (10)
This is an excellent small airport which is the preferred airport for south costa blanca.If closed most of the traffic would revert to using Alicante,NOT Corvera.It is time for a petition to be drawn up so that all visitors arriving can have their say on the matter.

Review submitted by Anon on 14/03/12, vote ********** (10)
Please keep this our local airport open,so much has been spent on the terminalit be be criminal to close it

Review submitted by Anon on 28/02/12, vote ********** (10)

Review submitted by Anon on 29/12/11, vote ********** (10)
this is my dare they close has been spent and it has everything we need.keep our airport open please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review submitted by Anon on 06/11/11, vote ********** (10)
I along with fiends and family have been using San Javier since Buzz Arlines ( now Ryanair) first flew from Luton. Should the regional government close the airport to commercial flights,then it will be Alicante for all of us. ( Approximately 50 seats per year )

Review submitted by Anon on 04/11/11, vote ********** (10)
I think this is a really great airport and sincerely hope it does not close down in 2012 to the public

Review submitted by Anon on 08/05/10, vote ********** (8)
OK it's small however, you won't get lost! Facilities adequate road access to & from is very good. I use it 3-4 times a year.

Review submitted by Anon on 17/06/09, vote ********** (10)

Review submitted by Anon on 01/06/09, vote ********** (10)

Review submitted by Anon on 17/04/09, vote ********** (8)
I have lived here for 10yrs & the transformation to the Airport it is now is incredible. At times it is rather busy but the staff are always helpful. Sometime there is quite a long delay on collecting luggage when there are only 1 or 2 flights in arrivals.

Review submitted by Anon on 09/02/08, vote ********** (8)
A small friendly airport with a few facilities. Adequate car parking and easily accessed from the new motorway coming from the Almeria direction.

Review submitted by Anon on 25/09/07, vote ********** (7)
A very small airport with everything close at hand