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Reviews of Teesside Airport

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Review submitted by Anon on 30/09/20, vote ********** (1)
This airport's website tells travellers nothing about near future flights etc. Needs to be brought into line with other UK & EU airports which sadly as it is now it nowhere near offers good service. It is the worst European airport site I've had experience of...

Review submitted by Anon on 10/12/10, vote ********** (2)
This airport has recently introduced a Passenger Fly Facility (PFF)as they call it - that requires you to make a payment of 6 before passing into the lounges at the moment - why not 5 beats me. Possilble they want to keep the 4 pounds change you should get that the machine will not give you as change from the 10 you put in the machine. They Justify this money grabbing exercise by saying the fee is required to keep the airport open. This will deter passengers from using Durham AP and then the Airlines (few at the moment) will all stay away if the passengers are not gpoing to use the flights.Go to the bank Durham and ask for a loan - there again you have possible been there and they turned you down suggesting that your busines is not viable. Others tried this and are now failed operators