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Reviews of London Southend Airport

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Review submitted by Anon on 01/05/17, vote ********** (10)
Flew from Southend to Amsterdam and back with easyJet. Very quick and easy to get around/through. Took me 10 mins to get through security on departure, and then 15 mins on arrival to get from the plane, through passport control and out the terminal. You can't get that kind of speed at other airports. A few shops are there, which is perfect because you don't need to get to this airport 2 hours before your flight. I got there about an hour before. Hoping for more routes, and look forward to flying from Southend again soon! Highly recommend it.

Review submitted by Anon on 17/11/16, vote ********** (2)
Shocking Taxi price to London, your stranded and they no it on the late flights

Review submitted by Anon on 08/09/14, vote ********** (3)
Having now travelled three times from this airport I have to mention that I think the staff can do more for customer services. On every occasion members of the staff in check in, passport control and security need a lesson in manners and stop being so "jobs worth" Its a lovely airport quick and easy, but customer service and attitude to peoples feelings need more attention. I have seen people crying, mothers with babies made to feel embarrassed and uneasy, and people asking normal questions being made to feel stupid. Not seen this so frequently from any other airport I have travelled to or from in the world!

Review submitted by Anon on 12/06/14, vote ********** (1)
Maybe I am unlucky but Southend seems to struggle with the weather. In March my Easyjet flight could not land because unlike most airports they only have very basic landing aids that are no good in fog so we ended up at Stansted. Thinking I was safe from the weather I booked a flight for June. This time the weather was too nice so some passengers got kicked off and we had to stop en-route to take on fuel as the Easyjet pilots informed us that as Southend's runway is so short and it was a warm day they could not get to Spain without taking drastic action, as they needed a longer runway than Southend had to get airborne. No idea what happened to the passengers who were asked to get off the aircraft. Southend is OK if you don't mind major disruption all the year around.

Review submitted by Anon on 14/02/14, vote ********** (2)
I agree with all the earlier comments. But when problems occur they just can't cope. We are currently sitting on EZY 7374. Pilot made a perfect landing but no one is prepared to move steps to the airplane. It's a bit windy but nothing extreme. We have been on the ground for over an hour already. Mexican standoff. It's now coming up to midnight. I expect they will all go home soon!

Review submitted by Anon on 29/01/14, vote ********** (10)
Excellent airport. On site parking minutes walk. Very clean and modern. No queues. Flew Easy jet to Barcelona. Would chose it over Gatwick any day which is about the same distance from us in Kent.

Review submitted by Anon on 08/12/13, vote ********** (10)
Southend Airport, Excellent ! Aer Arran who we flew with from Southend absolutely useless and incompetent.

Review submitted by Anon on 12/11/13, vote ********** (10)
Airport is clean and friendly and for those of us lucky to be living inn the area a 5min ride away. Went to Barcelona in May, no problems and flying via Dublin to NYC soon and delighted I don't have to trek to Heathroew or Gatwick.

Review submitted by Anon on 17/08/13, vote ********** (1)
Be aware, Southend is a part time airport. The terminal closes overnight and for passengers arriving early or late there is no public transport. Most of the moaning passengers I was talking to wanted to use Stansted but easyjet have taken a leaf out of Ryanair’s book and use an airport that describes itself as a London airport yet it is located on the coast. Southend is truly one of the worst airports in the UK. A couple of flights leaving together will have you doing an impersonation of a sardine!

Review submitted by Anon on 15/07/13, vote ********** (9)
I have used Southend Airport twice in the last year - firstly to Dublin with AerArran and secondly with easyJet to Alicante. Both trips were fine but I agree that the departure lounge can be crowded in the mornings but that will change soon with the expansion work underway currently. The airport has no control over the lack of early/late trains - this is down to Nederlands Spoorwegen (Abelio) who have the train franchise and/or Network Rail. There used to be trains much later than this under BR. Being local to Southend however, it's not a personal concern of mine. 10 minutes from home by taxi for me. One star knocked off due to the scrappy nature of the hoardings hiding the construction work.

Review submitted by Anon on 22/06/13, vote ********** (5)
Good points: small, quick and easy. only metres from entrance to plane via security and a set of stairs. Unfortunately now being massively extended and last visit entailed a long walk to the passport control and back via a building site. Down side: First Class lounge - dire! No newspapers, the only food is packets of crisps (thse have recently been downgraded from "posh" crisps to Walkers!) Snmall range of (often warm) tinned gin and tonics, jd and coke and a few beers and soft drinks. Perhaps "Eddy" doesn't visit many proper VIP bars! Overall 5 points for the airport and only 1 for the VIP lounge - certainly wouldnt pay for it!

Review submitted by Anon on 10/05/13, vote ********** (1)
I have used this airport several times now and found it fantastically easy to use - although the security always ALWAYS go through my luggage! No matter what precautions I take! This doesn't happen at Stansted so much. HOWEVER, EASYJET FLIGHTS TO ALICANTE ARE GETTING PRICEY (JUNE 2013) AND NEXT TIME I'M GOING VIA STANSTED using RYANAIR AT HALF THE PRICE - EVEN THOUGH SOUTHEND IS MY FINAL DESTINATION! Why so expensive now? I'd love to know ...

Review submitted by Anon on 22/04/13, vote ********** (9)
Having flown from other larger London airports such as Stansted and Gatwick, I was pleasantly surprised when I used Southend for the first. It was a breath of fresh air, no hassle and very quick especially on arrival. It only achieves a 9 because it was a bit cramped in the departure lounge, BUT as my local airport I certainly will be using Southend again when I can!

Review submitted by Anon on 29/03/13, vote ********** (10)
I flew by Aer Arran to Dublin on 6th March. The airport was efficient and friendly and I had no problems. I feel the previous reviewer does not understand relevant matters. Fog will almost always cause problems at an airport, regardless of the efficiency or technical sophistication of the facility. Heathrow and London City are also disrupted by fog. The priority of a good airport is the safety of it's passengers and his delay was a reflection of that. It is true that some planes can land in zero visibility but these are a very small minority. I would use Southend again with complete confidence.

Review submitted by Anon on 08/03/13, vote ********** (1)
Cannot handle fog. Result: 3 hour delay. Beware of this tin pot airport.

Review submitted by Anon on 03/11/12, vote ********** (8)
As a fairly frequent user of Southend I have found it extremely user friendly. Departures can be congested very early in the day, but otherwise it's a breath of fresh air compared to the other London airports. Lack of very early or very late trains loses it 2 marks from a perfect 10, but landing at 2200 shouldn't be a problem as either the 2235 or the 2305 to London are available. I wonder why the previous poster couldn't catch either of those.

Review submitted by Anon on 29/10/12, vote ********** (1)
I flew into South End last night on easyjet. I didnt realise that a flight landing at 10pm would be a problem. When I got out the terminal this so called London airport had no transport at all. Then it all closed and I was stranded in the cold and rain. I had to pay £98 for a taxi to Liverpool street and then get 3 night buses to get home at 3am. I would avoid this airport at all costs unless you have a car. I only gave it 1 star because i did actually arrive on the plane.

Review submitted by Anon on 22/10/12, vote ********** (1)
Used Southend a couple of time but it was third time unlucky. The pilot said it was too dangerous to attempt a landing, as Southend only has a very basic landing system to help pilots in poor weather but not fog. He went on to mention that there was a church steeple right by the side of the runway that should not be there for safety reasons so it was off to Stansted. I think next time I will use an airport that stays open in fog.

Review submitted by Anon on 27/09/12, vote ********** (1)
As an ex-pat I had the misfortune to get diverted to Southend from London City. We had to sit on the aircraft for what seemed like hours as the airport did not have any staff to offload the passengers and luggage. I elected to catch a train to London instead of catching a coach that was laid on. BIG MISTAKE. The train was dirty old commuter stock and stopped at every station as it made slow progress to London. Hopefully I will never have to use this airport again and why it thinks it is a London Airport when it is so far from the big smoke is a mystery to me.

Review submitted by Anon on 22/09/12, vote ********** (3)
Don't know how you can compare London City Airport with Southend? One is in London and the other one is by the seaside. Anyway I tried it and didn't like it but it is all a matter of personal choice

Review submitted by Anon on 20/09/12, vote ********** (9)
I flew from Southend Airport on 14 September 2012, to Amsterdam, and returned on 16 September. I have few negative observations or criticisms, apart from the price of the coffee and cakes from the cafe, which seemed on the cheeky side. Several other reviewers have commented on the size of the facility but in this case small means good- even ecstatic. It means that, after arriving inbound, you get from the plane to the exit door of the terminal in 15 minutes or less- at least I did. The terminal is about the same size as London City Airport, and the runway is considerably longer, which means there is likely to be a genuine fight between them in the future - good competition.

Review submitted by Anon on 16/09/12, vote ********** (8)
I don't think the last reviewer can have noticed the Laker Lounge just through security where you can sit in comfort if you're a bit early. The departure gate area has about 200 seats I think and it's more than I've found at Luton or Stansted. The gate area is very crowded from 0600 to 0700, but with at least four departures then it's understandable. With a good (not over-expensive) coffee shop, Duty Free/gift shop and WH Smith's that's enough for me - I came to catch a flight not do retail therapy. The lack of late trains is obviously a problem for some, although the airport does make it clear on the website. I always drive and appreciate the £10/day, £40/week parking with no need to wait for a shuttle bus. But it's the pure simplicity and speed with which you get through the airport and away that I enjoy most. Far superior to Luton or Stansted - or even City to my mind.

Review submitted by Anon on 11/09/12, vote ********** (3)
I have just read all the positive reviews here and have come to the conclusion that they are all written by the same person. The terminal is very small with next to no facilities apart from a toilet, small shop, expensive café and a private hire desk that does a fantastic trade providing taxis to get people to London as there are no late night trains. Best to bring your own folding chair as there was nowhere to sit when I arrived at 6am or better still use another London airport

Review submitted by Anon on 03/09/12, vote ********** (10)
as i frequently fly to alicante having southend airport close by is fantastic it is not the airports fault that the trains dont run all night or that it is a victim of its own success i havent met anyone who isnt delighted that we dont have to rely on the m25 to to get to stanstead or gatwick now also i dont feel fleeced either parking my car or buying a cup of tea and a sandwich i hope the airport goes from strength to strength

Review submitted by Anon on 26/08/12, vote ********** (8)
Messrs Midwinter's & Tuttles' reviews stink of a hatchet job to me. I use the 'new' Southend airport regularly and don't recognise at all the descriptions of either writer. There are no late night trains to London, which can be a problem, but otherwise the experience is quick, simple and very efficient. Rude/unfriendly staff? I've never found that at all. Funny that those two entirely negative reviews come shortly after IATA designated the airport as London/Southend and London/City made such a fuss about it. Read them again and I think you may see a connection there.

Review submitted by Anon on 21/08/12, vote ********** (1)
Southend is not really an airport but more an aerodrome. The terminal is tiny so it was standing room only. The airport is miles from any motorway and even further from London. It is located in the residential streets of Southend which seemed rather a strange place to put an airport. Not a good experience and I can’t see Southend lasting that long as a London Airport but might be OK if you live only a couple of miles away.

Review submitted by Anon on 17/08/12, vote ********** (10)
Thats your fault then for not looking in advance - how stupid that you don't plan your journey! I did not have this problem since I looked at my travel options in advance of my arrival. I belive the terminal is being extended so this should sort out the overcrowding. I thought the staff were friendly and happy to help personally. Anyway very quick and highly recommend - Will certainly be flying here again soon!

Review submitted by Anon on 16/08/12, vote ********** (2)
Small overcrowed airport which is full to bursting point with just 2 flight departing at the same time. Nothing to do while we waited. Coming back was a nightmare as there are no trains or any form of public transport so it was a £100 taxi ride to London. Yes £100 as the airport is on the coast and is miles from London. Also found the staff had bad attitudes.

Review submitted by Anon on 05/07/12, vote ********** (7)
As a frequent flyer, I would really like to give this airport 10/10. The train station, security and staff were excellent so much easier than most airports. Having checked in on-line, arriving at departure was extremely straightforward but unfortunately our flight to Malaga was between flights to Amsterdam and Ibiza. As a result, two queues blocked access to the cafe and shop and a number of people became understandably confused about which was the correct queue. The arrangements here require a bit more thought at peak times. I would be happy to fly from here again though.

Review submitted by Anon on 25/05/12, vote ********** (10)
Having flown from many different airports all around the world, London Southend is undoubtedly the most efficient and also enjoyable airport to travel through. Having used the new easyJet services from the airport twice in the past month I have been very impressed both times. Despite travelling on busy mornings where there were 4 or 5 flights departing withing quick succession of each other, I never had to queue for security and there was ample space in the departure lounge. There may not be a shopping centre in the departure lounge, however the WHSmith and Stobart Duty Free outlet have every travel essential and the latter offering a decent selection of duty free items. The cleanliness of the airport is faultless, and the staff the most genuine an friendly I have ever come across at an airport. The true beauty of this airport is how efficient it is, from the aircraft doors opening I cleared immigration and made it to the railway station platform in 10 minutes. A far cry to the chaos at certain other London airports. Could not recommend more highly.

Review submitted by Anon on 16/05/12, vote ********** (10)
This is how the start of all my trips abroad should start at the Airport, friendly staff, no queing & no hassle. I just hope that as the Aiport grows (hopefully not to big) the Management realise it is popular for being a different experience to the other London Aiports.

Review submitted by Anon on 07/05/12, vote ********** (8)
I flew to from SEN to AMS on sunday and while everything was greatly organized as previous reviews said, I was super surprised that there were no direct train connections at all on sunday apart from super early and super late ones. I know it was my mistake not to check that carefully in the timetable before booking the ticket, but I assumed that the train will still be running, if maybe a lot less frequently. We ended up with 60 GBP taxi ride from London, which was a bit unexpected. So overall, the airport is really good, small and efficient, but really plan well with the trains.

Review submitted by Anon on 07/05/12, vote ********** (9)
Return Flight to Amsterdam, check in smooth, and easy through security channels, also only a couple of mins to walk to the awaiting aircraft, unlike most other workout's undertaken to distance departure gates at the major airports, will use it again. Return flight on landing, was out of the terminal / customs within 10 mins a real winner !

Review submitted by Anon on 01/05/12, vote ********** (9)
We decided to give Southend a try on a recent trip to Amsterdam. If getting through an airport as quickly as possible and with the minimum of hassle is your idea of airport heaven then Southend is the place to choose. Checked in on line so straight to security and through that in less than five minutes. The departure lounge is small but, hurray, there was ample seating, although with more than two flights going at once it would be crowded. Only two shops and a cafe airside, but personally I don't go to an airport to shop. Both the flights were on time and on return we were through Customs and driving out of the car park within 10 minutes of getting off the aircraft. I believe the terminal size is to be more than doubled so that will make it even better. At present Southend is perhaps a victim of its own success and therefore the newly built terminal is already rather too small.

Review submitted by Anon on 01/05/12, vote ********** (9)
At the moment terminal is small but is to double it size, a breeze going through, staff were great. Flight left early, return I was out landside in about 8 mins, great stuff, certainly would use it again. PS it is cleary written on the airport website about the opening times of the terminal.

Review submitted by Anon on 29/04/12, vote ********** (9)
Although I've not always been an Easy Jet lover I must take my hat off to them and Southend Airport for actually making things happen. Not before time. Sure it will be a massive success. Keep up the good work.

Review submitted by Anon on 27/04/12, vote ********** (1)
Used London Southend for the first time as Easyjet were offering cheap flights from my home in Faro to this so called London Airport. The aircraft arrived early and it didn't take long to collect my luggage at this tiny airport. Now my problems began. There is no public transport to London after 11pm. After talking to a taxi driver who wanted an arm and a leg to get me to London I decided to wait it out at the terminal until the first train of the day left. Problem number 2, the airport is not 24 hour. How can you have a so called London airport where the terminal closes for the night? After being kicked out I had no choice but to take a taxi. Well I could have flown first class to a real airport by BA and still could have save money if I had not used Southend. Bottom line. The airport is miles from London and is closer to France than it is to London. Rubbish toy airport which is best avoided.

Review submitted by Anon on 24/04/12, vote ********** (2)
Arrived too early and was refused access to the terminal. Security pointed out that the terminal was not 24 hours so I had to queue outside for 15 minutes in the cold until the terminal was open. Check-in was fine but the departure lounge can only handle one aircraft at a time so as there were two departures it was standing room only. With next to nothing to do (just one shop) I was glad to board the aircraft and get out of the place.

Review submitted by Anon on 08/04/12, vote ********** (10)
Very easy transfer from Liverpool Street to the airport's own station which is about 200m from the terminal. The terminal is small and efficient, and we only had to queue for a couple of minutes maximum. All the staff were friendly and actually seemed to enjoy their jobs - we had a pleasant return trip to Amsterdam over 3 days, and all worked well both ways. Certainly something to be said for the smaller London airport....

Review submitted by Anon on 25/04/11, vote ********** (10)
Very quick and hassle free through the airport and staff very friendly too! Would fly again happily!