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Reviews of Berlin Airport

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Review submitted by Anon on 01/10/11, vote ********** (1)
Diabolical. In 45 years' flying, I have not its like, outside Africa, or the old Soviet Union. 1: Links to Berlin: it's half a kilometre to the S-Bahn - which runs infrequently. Otherwise it's a Euro 36 taxi ride. 2: Space: it's too small. When we went - in late September, the whole check-in area was a seething mass of passengers, in a confusing criss-crossing of queues for check-in, bag drop, security, passport control etc. 3: Police State: it was infested with vast numbers of police, strutting around and findling their guns, making no attempt to sort out the mess, or help confused or lost passengers - even when someone asked them. Even the German people around us were ashamed at this. 4: Staff: the few staff were even worse: clearly jobs-for-life bureaucrats, who gave not a fig for helping passengers. One of them openly said that his only care was to complete his shift and go home. 5: No facilities. The air-condiioning [if it exists] was not functioning. In late September, everyone was sweating, and passengers were fanning themselves, in an effort to cool down. 6: No facilities: once through the chaos of check-in/security, flight departure information was largely unavailable. Small, hard-to-find, hard-to-read screens, that were not being updated properly. We only heard about our own flight departure at the last moment, and by chance. 7: No facilities: post-security, there was almost nowhere to sit [passengers were sitting on the floor or against the walls]. Toilets were hard-to-find, and had queues, when you did find them. There was only on food outlet, selling almost inedible snacks. 8: Dirty: the floors and walls wer covered with the detritus of myriad passengers. No-one was making any effort to clean up. 9: Overall: now that they re closing Tegel, Tempelhof and Gatow, the little hell-hole of Schoenefeld wille Berlin's only airport. I recently went through Bishkek airport in Kyrgyzstan I recall by contrast with Schoenefeld how clean, welcoming and efficient it was. For the capital of a nominally civilised country, this airport is a disgrace. Or perhaps, a symbol of Germany's slide towards barbarism?

Review submitted by Anon on 22/12/10, vote ********** (7)
good airport, well managed. could improve connections to city (rail in the late evening... for low cost travellers)