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Reviews of Tenerife South Airport

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Review submitted by Anon on 16/11/16, vote ********** (5)
Queues at checking despite being quiet. Airport clean enough. Big let down is security - the staff are rude and aggressive, shouting at people and pushing them into one queue or another. The system is not like other airports I have been to. You have to take a tray, which is smaller than the usual ones - my flight being wouldnt even fit in it. Due to the size of the trays you need 2 or 3 of them and have to take them to a table to separate your items, all the time while being pushed and shoved by other passengers also trying to use the table. While all this is going on the staff are shouting at you. I took my electronic out of my bag but was rudely told, after they had been scanned that they would have to go through again in a separate tray. So I was pushed back through the body scanner into another queue. I put electronis stuff in a separate tray, it went through the scanner again and they never even looked at them. All this was just annoying and aggravating not just for me but for other passengers as well. One older couple were separated and the lady had her bags swabbed, presumably for drug residue. Overall, the aiport wasnt too bad, but security is appalling. You felt more like a prisoner on a chain gang than a guest. I liked Tenerife, but the aggressive attitude of the security drones has put me off ever travelling there again.

Review submitted by Anon on 16/07/12, vote ********** (1)
The check in in March 2012 was quite the worst I have ever experienced. There were 3 queues for our flight, an an A320, and it took 90 minutes to check in, by which time the flight was boarding and making the final call.

Review submitted by Anon on 30/04/12, vote ********** (4)
I was very dissapointed when i picked up my luggage at Gatwick Airport after returning from Tenerife on 28/04/2012 . I first noticed that the new strap i had bought for my suitcase was missing. When i unpacked my case the next morning i found that someone had been through my case. I had bought 200 Marlboro cigarettes for a friend, the pack had been opened and 6 packs of cigarettes were missing. I am not bothered about the goods but it does bother me that airport staff can get away with this and went through my case. I would recommend that passengers be aware as i am sure i am not the only person this has happened to.

Review submitted by Anon on 17/05/10, vote ********** (5)
In these times of Economic recession & the poor value of pound sterling, it is sad to see passengers being charged almost three Euros in some of the Airport shops for 1/3rd L of drinking water. I pay 26-30c for the same bottle in a supermarket.I have experienced people complaining & deciding never to return to these shores.Are people being taken to task, since they are not allowed to carry water with them?