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Reviews of Verona Airport

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Review submitted by Anon on 22/06/16, vote ********** (1)
This is without doubt the worse airport i have ever travelled from. It is appalling. Very limited seating & the wosre staff i have encountered. Service at the cafe bar was at the best RUDE. Young lady serving was slamming plates around & ignoring customers. If she was forced to answer it was just to complain about the ammount of work she has. Moved on to the other eatery & despite tring to tell the lady what we wanted were completely ignored whilst she prepared & put pizzas in oven. She then proceeded to serve everyone else who came after us at which point we walked away. We spent about 30mins waiting at the boarding gare with several other flights. Very limited seating again. Packed in like sardines & no air conditioning. In the height of summer this would be unbearable. Unfortunately i have to use this airport again in future but at least will be prepared by taking in my own food & drink. The only reason i gave this airport any score at all is because the toilets were clean.