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Reviews of Warsaw Airport

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Review submitted by Anon on 25/09/14, vote ********** (9)
Great airport. I use it every two weeks and it has a very simple and efficient layout. Check in can be very busy during the holiday periods but mostly it works fine. Arrivals are much faster and you can clear passport and customs in no more than ten minutes usually. Good bars and cafes, good duty free and pleasant staff throughout.

Review submitted by Anon on 06/10/13, vote ********** (9)
Nice little airport. Staff are friendly and food in cafes is very good.

Review submitted by Anon on 15/06/13, vote ********** (2)
I wish to warn all travelers with a pre-booked car rental arriving at Warsaw Airport about -or after 10 pm that a late-arrival extra fee is charged to his CC. This is preposterous and unheard-of elsewhere in Europe but it happens here in the Polish capital. Car rental company staff cannot wait to roll down their iron curtains once it is 10pm sharp and customers are left to discover these regulations either imposed upon car rental companies by the airport authorities or approved by them. Mental rigidities and civil-servant attitudes inherited from the pre-1989 era seem to prevail still now. One should remember that an airport is not a travel agency and that customer service is the priority. Such ways are unworthy of a European country which, I suppose, longs to attract and greet foreign tourists as well as possible.