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Glasgow Airport (GLA), UK - Guide and Flight Details

Glasgow airport location

and terminal/car park map
Map of Glasgow airport showing access roads and location of car parks

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Glasgow Airport is located 13Km West of Glasgow, beside the M8 motorway, central Scotland


Accessibility has been described as Very Good (CAA 2019/20).

To and From the Airport

The nearest train station at Paisley's Gilmour Street is 1.5Km south of the airport and has upto 8 trains per hour running into Glasgow. A public bus service from the airport connects to Paisley railway station and to parts of Glasgow.
A shuttle bus connect the airport to central Glasgow at a cost of 8.50 pounds for the 15 minute journey.
A taxi from the airport to central Glasgow will cost approximately 20 pounds.


Short term parking is located within 200m of the terminal building and long term parking is approximately 800m away.

Terminal Facilities

Glasgow airport has 13 bars/restaurants, 16 shops, pre-ordered currency exchange facilities, ATM's, 4 executive lounges, Internet access and printing stations, WiFi Internet access (FREE for 1 hour), luggage lockers, and a fuel station.

Significant improvements are being made at Glasgow airport, with a terminal extension (named Skyhub) first stage having opened in October 2008

Airport Hotels

The Holiday Inn is located immediately opposite the terminal building while the Premier Inn Travel Lodge and Courtyard by Marriott hotels are nearby.

Interesting Facts

8.8 million passengers passed through Glasgow airport in 2019, a decrease of 8% from the previous year, but staying the 8th busiest in the UK. This figure dropped to 1.9 million in 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Glasgow Airports Web site can be accessed Here

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Airlines and Flights from Glasgow Airport to Europe

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Blue Air, flying to: Romania

British Airways, flying to: Spain

EasyJet, flying to: Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Turkey

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KLM, flying to: Netherlands

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Regional Flights, or Flights From Ireland to Glasgow Airport

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Campbeltown (92 Km)(CO2?)
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Donegal (263 Km)(CO2?)
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Dublin (296 Km)(CO2?)
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Exeter (575 Km)(CO2?)
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Fair Isle (440 Km)(CO2?)
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Southampton (584 Km)(CO2?)
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